A-Groups are groups of 10 to 14 AIESEC alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other.   Introduced in 2010 by Rollie Gosiengfiao, a AIESEC alumnus and experienced business coach, this initiative has been successfully rolled out in several Asian countries, there is interest in expanding groups throughout the world.

Advice – career advice, input on dealing with team challenges, mentoring, industry knowledge – is often the #1 need that professionals require for their development as leaders.  Members meet 6-8 times per year, building a tight network that discusses a range of topics.   Individuals are committed to continuing the AIESEC legacy of dynamic responsible leadership through empowering networks. Connect with like-minded people on the A-Groups facebook group

If you are interesting in starting an A-Group, please review the Getting Started and A-Groups Resources tabs.